Summary of Who Succeeds at University Queensland

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Summary of Who Succeeds at University Queensland

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Summary of Who Succeeds at University Queensland

Article Summary
Success is one of the most important aspects in the current day world. It determines the student’s future achievements (Illahi & Khandai, 2015). As a result, the study focused on determining predicting factors. Educational success is a product of diverse academic complexities (Ukpong & George, 2013). However, the study demonstrated how student’s performance is influenced by factors surrounding urban commuter-based students. Moreover, other academic factors such issues act as instructional activities in schools.
The study conducted aimed at identifying the academic performance of students at an Australian university. It used questionnaires with 197 first-year students for assessment (Factors Predicting Academic Performance, 2018). It focused on identifying the effect of predictors among urban commuter-based students. The average results collected reflected on different predictors. Most of them impacted negatively on students’ achievements. It considered some key predictors which include educational, demographic, cognitive and psychosocial factors. The predictors were shown to significantly contribute to the success of university students. Besides, it also noted that the integration of such factors influences the responsibility of students in their future careers. Also, competence in the workplace can be attributed to academic performance. Based on other dynamic issue facing stu…

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