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Homeland Security in Israel
Homeland Security in Israel
Terrorism threats and legal environment
Over the years, Israel has faced current and mega-terror threats with frequent rocket threats along the border towns. In 2002 the Palestine terrorists carried out a mega-terrorist attack on the Ariel Towers. Chemical and biological attacks are other forms of attacks employed by the terrorists with suicide bombing being the frequently used form of attack. Rocket attacks along the border have caused terror among the communities in those areas. Palestinian leadership considers the terrorists as patriots fighting against the occupation of the Israeli people on their neighborhoods rather than terming them as terrorists. (Center for Homeland Defense & Security Naval Postgraduate School, 2013)
Israel’s legal environment operates on a parliamentary democracy in which there is a fewer restriction in policy planning. Israel lacks a formal constitution and thus relies on the Supreme Court which at times makes ruling against the government policies. Israel’s counterterrorism strategy focuses on both law enforcement approach and warfighting approach with appropriate legislative tools to make such implementations possible. (Center for Homeland Defense & Security Naval Postgraduate School, 2013)
The Organizational and Operational Environment
Israel has fewer agencies involved in law enforcement, intelligence, and counterterrorism, unlike the United States….

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