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Summary of learning

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One of the major focus of the chapter is the benefits of incorporating a fair and judicious workplace. According to Huber (2014), upholding justice and fairness in the workplace leads to the abolishment of a favorable work environment and retention of best-performing workers. However, the most significant outcome of the maintenance of a fair and just workplace has enhanced the effectiveness of employees. Most employees feel valued and tend to concentrate on the assigned tasks as well as align their behaviors with the goals and objectives of the organization. This is the most beneficial to an organization as it leads to enhanced productivity permitting the attainment of growth and performance goals. As recognized by Cojuharenco and Patient (2013), when workers perceive the workplace to be fair, they tend to focus on the outcomes of the various activities. Otherwise, they may not be able to exemplify the required behavior.
Further, Huber (2014) argues that diversity in the workplace enables workers to think out of the box and exemplify high levels of creativity and innovation. Diversity creates an opportunity for workers to share ideas and come up with revolutionary ways of going about different tasks. As such, it is possible for an organization to enjoy the benefits of innovation. Through the enhanced creativity and innovation, an organization will be able to expand its market share and attain optimal coverage through the introduction …

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