Summary of Background and Facts

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Summary of Background and Facts

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Summary of Background and Facts
Since the formation of Cirque du Solei in 1984, the group has been owned and managed by Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gautier equally. Guy Laliberté is now president and chief executive officer of Cirque du Solei. Before joining Cirque du Solei, Guy Laliberté was a musician and fire breather in the first street performers’ festival which had been founded in a small town outside Quebec City. As the chief executive officer, Laliberté’s responsibility involves being in charge of creative production of the company (DeLong and Vineeta 1). Daniel Gautier also owned and managed the company alongside Laliberté. He was in charge of managing external partnerships and financing and most of the business. Other key players include Murielle Cantin who was casting director of Cirque du Solei who evaluated and tried to find the best talent from the far reaches of the globe. Another key player was Richard Oberacker who was the conductor for the North American tour of “Dralion,” and came from Broadway union.
Some of the facts of the case are that Cirque had 2,100 employees and 500 artists and played to 270,000 people averagely in a year. Cirque was a combination of street performers, acrobats, clowns, and gymnasts to create theater, present feats, music, and dance dramas. The artist, customers, and the staff of Cirque had a different experience of the company. The staff and artists had the worst experience of t…

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