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suffolk resolves

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Suffolk Resolves
Parliament in 1774 passed the reformatory Coercive Acts in retaliation for the 1773 Boston Tea Party. By repudiating Massachusetts’ charter, closing down the Boston Port, and conveying military forces in and around Boston, Parliament mistakenly supposed that it would segregate and make an example of Boston, hindering further colonial opposition. However, the brutal British laws commonly referred to “Intolerable Acts” by the colonists only strengthened the imperial unity. Mobilizing to the defense of Boston, the First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774 (Schlesinger 247). The Continental Congress collectively sanctioned the Suffolk Resolves, to the commendation of the chamber, a day after Paul Revere conveyed them from Suffolk County to Philadelphia.
The Massachusetts Government Act restricted unapproved precinct, district, or town meetings, yet did not cite “county” meetings. Hence the rebellious colonists of Massachusetts held County Congresses in rural areas. This did not only help them dodge the British limitations on “town” meetings but also enabled Boston to make widespread basis with rural societies. On September 9, 1774, ambassadors from the 19 Suffolk County towns met in Milton, Massachusetts, and collectively approved the Suffolk Resolves which comprised of 19 objectives that created an apparent public relations plan and campaign for opposing the British. Dr. Joseph Warren, a pi…

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