Suffering in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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Suffering in Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

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In the novel Frankenstein, the tragic figure – Frankenstein’s monster acts as an instrument that inflicts suffering on others. Through this Monster, Mary Shelley depicts unalleviated anguish and pain caused by the societal life. This suffering emerges from the deprivation, emotional constraints, hardships, and physical loss associated with various characters in the novel. Frankenstein and his monster, in particular, bring suffering upon other characters thus contributing to the tragic vision.
To begin with, the novel paints Frankenstein as an obsessed character. Frankenstein’ obsessions in reanimating life and results of his success inflict pain on other characters around him. He creates a creature in himself and causes it pain. This, subsequently makes the monster in him to directly cause pain and suffering to Frankenstein’s family and friends. All these sufferings are attributed to Frankenstein’s actions as a result of ignorance and pride. Additionally, in the novel, Frankenstein lives as a tragic hero in pursuing knowledge and achievements which causes him pains in the end.
Using the resultant anguish, Shelley develops a tragic vision in Frankenstein’s life. According to this tragic vision, the pursuit of knowledge foreshadowed to lead inevitable sufferings and cruelty rather than glory. This is evidenced especially in the project of creating a monster where Frankenstein appears very determined and ex…

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