Substance use

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Substance use

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Media Influences on Substance Use
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1) What is the message the source sends and how does it influence a person’s beliefs, attitudes, or perceptions about substance use or addictive behaviors?
There is a debate related to the medical use of Cannabis and how its decriminalization might increase its usage among youth. This New York Times article debates that notion and considers it is flawed. Consequently, the message this article tries to convey is more related to the fact that loosening the laws pertaining to medical marijuana use would not end up in a drug craze or problems related to youth using the substance more frequently. Also, it challenges the conventional perceptions on cannabis. Said perceptions considered cannabis in the same rank as “hard” drugs, which according to this article is not right. Besides, it challenges the idea that decriminalizing cannabis as a medical substance would not increase its consumption among young people. However, the article does not speak about legalization, as it still considers the long-term risks too high to consider its extensive use as medicine. (Carey 1)
2) What age grou…

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