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Culture in an organization refers to unwritten rules that determines people’s behavior especially when no one is looking (Emerson, 2018 n.p.). There is a wide range of factors that determine why people act the way they do; their actions might be influenced by factors such as age, education level, and societal background. It is therefore impossible to have one culture in a company. Also, some cultures develop with time. However, due to regular interactions and groups of people engaging successfully in a particular behavior that adheres to the values of an organization, employees tend to acquire the company’s culture; repeated procedures usually motivate this.
From time to time, personal cultures, which are unique to every employee, might sometimes interfere with the organizational culture; it is, therefore, necessary to synergize these cultures to ensure normal operations of a company are not interrupted. The first step of synergizing culture is identifying the different sub-cultures; this is accomplished through analyzing how existing sub-cultures began through observing the interaction between employees, working processes and distinct values (Eko, 2018 n.p.). The best team leaders pay as much attention to what is happening as they do to other factors such as finances, performance and customer feedback. Understanding all these patterns and commonalities forms an essential starting point to findin…

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