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Study Proposal
Imagination is the origin of all creations and innovations of humanity. This, therefore, implies that it is the most powerful tool that can be used to better the world we live in. All human problems demand solutions that can only be sourced from the realm of imagination. To illustrate, one of the major challenges that the world faces today is environmental pollution and global warming which has been a great challenge in the 21st century. So far many attempts to have been made to eradicate the problem unsuccessfully. However, as time passes, the effects are adverse, and Mother Nature will not be able to sustain life as she has for centuries. Challenges such as this demand the application of great imagination and creativity for their termination.
Besides the challenges we face, the nature of humans is to recreate, redesign, and better their living standards. Not many years ago, technology, for instance, was a dream shared by some while others viewed it as a fantasy. Today technology runs the world. I can only imagine the next big thing that is going to be born from a simple idea, well thought through and implemented. One of the main challenges we face today is not lack of imagination or ideas, but the ability and the knowledge of how to make them count, turn them into reality. This, therefore, proves the truth that the graveyard is the richest place, richer than the great cities. It is graced with many ideas and great imaginations buried deep down never to su…

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