Students’ Rights

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Students’ Rights

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Children’s Rights
In many instances, the education institutions tend to make decisions without caring what the students’ opinions and views on how it may affect them. The students are integral components in the country since they are the future professionals who would take part in the active economic promoting activities. Thus their welfare should be prioritized in their learning environment (Denno, 1969). This article addresses a case study of where the students’ plight has to be considered.
The students in the Lincoln Park boycotted learning due to the situation where some of the teachers were fired. On top of the situation, Williams Middle School was protesting due to the closure of their school in South Dearborn. Both cases can be put on same judgment panel despite them having different backgrounds since they have some similarities. As per a case study per a case file in the Des Moines where the students protested against the Vietnam wars, I would advocate for the students to be given a chance to express their feelings (Denno, 1969).
Children have equal constitutional rights of expression as the adults (Denno, 1969). Thus they should be allowed to show what they feel even though some situations may not take the route they would prefer due to some factors. The principle of the Lincoln Park should consider discussing with the students that and promise to bring better teachers that would be friendly if it would not be po…

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