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Student Development

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Student Development: White and Social Class Privilege
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Student development
A number of factors play out in promoting a success trajectory in the life of a student when they are in school. It is insurmountable to deny the fact that all students are not equal. Some factors contribute a lot to the growth of a student. Some of those privileges include social class and Race, which play a key role in determining the life of a student (Patton et al. 2016).
Over the years, the American society has built itself by certain privileges accorded to people of a particular caliber (Patton et al. 2016). It is often hard for people with such privileges to note that whereas people who do not have the privileges are easily able to note those privileges. Social class is one of the privileges whereby the rich and wealthy receive high regard not only from other students but institutional administrations too (Patton et al. 2016). Additionally, being white also offers students privilege in an institution of learning (Patton et al. 2016). When a student possesses these two, it is either possible for them to study much harder or lesser. Firstly, they may have an easy time learning due to the enviable environment accorded to them by their privileges. On the other hand, other students without these privileges may feel left out or even discriminated and felt desperate. This may eventually lead to them leaving education or performing very powerful.In conclusio…

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