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Part A
Before starting the experiment, I assembled everything I needed, that includes the scale balance, cans, plastic container, polythene/plastic shopping bag and a piece of wood.

Figure 1: Materials

Figure 2: Scale Balance
I then measured the weights of an empty can and one with peas and another with beans and tabulated the mass of the empty can, one with peas and another with beans.

Figure 3: Experiment setup
I set up my structure as shown in figure 3 and used a flimsy bag to hold the plastic can. I added first two cans with peas and then a can with beans in the container one by one while taking measurements of their weights on the scale balance as shown in figure 3 and figure 4.

Figure 4: Experiment Set-up
At each measurement on the scale balance, I tabulated the reading.
Part B
Number of cans Total weight of cans stretch
Two cans of peas 731.2 grams 1.5 cm
Two cans of peas + one can of beans 1261.4 grams 2.5 cm
Using Flimsy bags
The cross-sectional area of thicker bags = 7×10-5mConverting grams to newtons
1 gram=0.00980665 N1162.3 grams= ?1162.3 g ×0.00980665N1g=11.40NConverting centimeters to meters
1 meter = 100 centimeter? = 2.5 centimeter=0.025 metersFracture stress is given by
ForceCross-Sectional Area x Stretch=11.40 N8×10-6m×0.025 m=57.0 MPaFrom the results obtained in the experiment the fracture stress if 57.0 MPa slightly higher than maximum limit for high-density polyethylene. The slight error in the resu…

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