Stress Portrait of a killer

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Stress Portrait of a killer

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Stress Portrait of a Killer
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Stress Portrait of a Killer
Stress can affect the brain part of memory and learning besides reducing the level of pleasure. Likewise, it can make the brain dull. As the amount of stress goes up body diseases increases. Finally, it increases the level of stress increases fat accumulation and poor spread of the fat in the body.
Hormones in response to stress and adrenaline and glucocorticoids which also comes from the adrenal gland.
During stress response is on the only essential matter. The lungs work overtime to pump mammoth quantities of oxygen into the blood vessels, heart hurry to pump blood that’s rich in oxygen throughout the body, so muscles respond instantly. Blood pressure up deliver that energy you turn off all that is not essential such as growth, reproduction, tissue repair.
The relationship between hierarchy and stress level; those in high rank have got low-stress level, and those in lower rank have got high-stress levels. Submissive baboons had a high-stress hormone in their system resulting in a high-stress level which made their heart beats high and blood pressure.
Those in the lower end of the hierarchy have higher risks of heart diseases and other diseases.
Bacterial disorder
By disrupting body’s ability to heal itself since it undermines immune system allowing bacteria to run a mark and rot since the body cannot repair stomach walls.
The stressed rat’s cells of that part of the b…

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