Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning

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Strategic Planning
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The main steps that are involved in the strategic planning are intended to address the issues that the organization faces. It also aims at leading the firm into some of the new ventures the organization can get access to the growth and expansion scope. In the strategic planning, however, the manager makes priorities on the important functional areas that need more improvement to enhance the development of the whole productivity of the firm. In the healthcare organization, on the other hand, the strategic planning is made to serve the patients and also to develop new treatment procedures that can deal with the chronic diseases (Lewis, McGrath & Seidel, 2011). According to other industries, their main focus is on the prices since the customers are more sensitive to the price changes unlike in the healthcare where the patients are not affected by the change in medical prices because medicine is a necessity good. In addition to that, the innovative strategy made by the healthcare organization has to be tested before it is applied since any mistake made in the innovative strategy can cost patients their lives.
The socio-economic factors usually incorporate gender, ethnicity, race, and culture among others. The main healthcare factors are: proper use of resources, and also to look into the number of medical facilities as well as hospitals that are found in every location. The epidemiologic factors are infant mortality rate, …

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