Strategic Management Case Analysis Part 2 (topic 4)

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Strategic Management Case Analysis Part 2 (topic 4)

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Marriott Case Analysis
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The company has over time built a strong brand which gives it a competitive advantage with respect to the booking of rooms by customers and the food and catering services in the hotel. The hotel group has always relied on the motto of “Take care of associates, and they will take care of the customers” (David & David, 2017). This has seen the hotel’s employees offer one of the best services in the industry as they are treated with respect and made as comfortable as possible within the firm.
Marriott has been experiencing slow growth in international markets. Specifically, the Asia Pacific properties reported average to below average numbers on RevPar. This is a key issue as these markets do not offer the same number of developed hotels as other regions.
Effective management information systems are crucial to maintaining safety in that they help safeguard clients’ personal information. Mobile apps that offer check-in and room entry are proving useful in the hotel industry due to their ability to safeguard the client’s possessions as well as the clients. Marriott should immediately capitalize on the apps to have a competitive advantage
The major threat is fierce competition from other large hotel chains such as Hilton. Another threat may be the high labor costs in the US.
Space matrix
Competitive Advantage (CA)
Market share -2
Product quality …

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