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Story Reflection

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This story is among the most creatively presented and convincing pieces of writing I have ever read. The imagery used by the writer entirely changed my perception about having and raising a child with a disability. Just like every other person, no one ever wished to give birth to a disabled child and even the parents having disability hope to have a normal child to help them around. Before reading this story, I had a perception that giving birth to a disabled child would be the worst tragedy of my life. Irrespective of the type of disability, it would ultimately necessitate a lot of changes in my life. The child would need specialized care and attention on a full-time basis to at least help them to live a normal life free of pressure and worries. The child would require special equipment that would maybe be expensive to acquire. And most of all, the child would need recognition, love, and reassurance.
However, this perception has changed with every sentence of this story. I have learned that the situation is irreversible and that I cannot enjoy the unique things about this child if I keep lamenting (Kingsley, n.d.). Accepting the unexpected outcome and embracing the change of plans would be the best way to help my child and me to live a more fulfilling life. I now understand that my child’s happiness would depend on my happiness and so would my happiness depends on that of my child. This story has not only changed my perception o…

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