Stop Stealing Music and Movies

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Stop Stealing Music and Movies

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Stop Stealing Music and Movies
The issue of piracy is a big problem for the music, movie and software industries. The inventions of the Internet, CD burners and photocopiers have made it difficult to enforce copyright laws. Music and movies have become a public good. Since the development of Napster and BitTorrent in the early 2000s, sharing of music and movie files has become very easy. In fact, by 2004, 30% of all internet traffic was accounted for by BitTorrent, with many people sharing video files through this protocol (Danaher and Waldfogel 3). As a result, media companies have lobbied for laws against piracy to counter its effects on sales. The aim of this paper is to show, through research that music and movie piracy hurts the economy and should be stopped.
The evolution of technology, especially since the 1980s, has played a major role in piracy. The introduction of the compact disc (CD) in 1981 by Sony and Phillips increased record sales, and it became the first digital format to be used. Companies were able to control the quality and prices of their products (Dahlstrom, Farrington and Gobera). The CDs were effective because they were cheaper and lighter than records. Piracy was very ineffective because the quality of a record reduced with every copy made. The storage of music in computer hard drives was also impractical because, until the late 1990s, the hard drive capacity was only 1GB. The internet speed was a…

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