Stop and Frisk Policy

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Stop and Frisk Policy

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Stop and Frisk Policy

Statement of the Problem
The Stop and Frisk Policy is New York Police Department policy that empowers the policy with the power to detain and then question pedestrians, and perhaps even frisk them. The law declares that if the police have what is known as reasonable suspicion that the individual has committed, could commit is in the process of committing a felony or a Penal Law offense. The purpose of this policy was to reduce the rate of crime with the New York Police Department controlled jurisdiction. However, the policy has been very controversial, with many activists pointing to the glaring racial bias when the policy is being implemented by police officers. The critics assert that those charged with its implementation have violated the civil rights, and used racial profiling. In contrast, advocates on the policy insist that the policy has achieved commendable gains since it was implemented, as it help in the protection of police officers and civilians while also assisting police officers in detaining people the police believe could be in possession of concealed weapons without authorization. These two ideologically opposing factions on the policy has led to a considerable amount of strain between controlling of criminal activities and the due process, and the pressure exerts a significant amount of the region’s criminal control strategies and activities. In the last few years, district courts have conducted a review of this controversial policy…

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