Steroids Use in Sports

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Steroids Use in Sports

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Steroids Use in Sports: A Reflective Essay
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I have always been surprised by the growing cases of sports personnel always found on the wrong side of sporting federation laws regarding the use of prohibited substances. This is because I have grown up viewing sportspersons as the most disciplined individuals that will not be ready to take any risk of messing up their careers. With the hard work and the sacrifices that these individuals usually make to reach the top, using performance-enhancing drugs is something that surprised me and was convinced that there is something about beyond the individual.
A recent report that I came along provided an overview of the different cases of doping in rugby and cycling (Jalleh, Donovan & Jobling, 2014). This prompted me to seek a further explanation from an expert on the possible reasons behind these growing trends. A visit to a local coach provided me with the insight that I had been missing for a very long time. According to him, the cases of doping have been increasing majorly due to the increased pressure on the athletes to perform and the subject of commercializing sports. Players representing their countries or even at any level of competition but expected to defend their titles have been found to go extra miles of even involving themselves into this issue of drug enhances. Through statistics, I was able to note the increased rates of sports commercialization (Butt et al., 2016). S…

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