Stereotype in the black community

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Stereotype in the black community

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Stereotyping in the Black Community. There are sections of the American population that are of the opinion that the black community should be ashamed of acting differently. The black community in America is associated with crime, rap music, and being athletes. It is challenging to the black community members to break into other forms of professions that are mostly linked to the white American community (Wood & Chasseur, 2015). This stereotyping of the black community regarding profession in mainly propagated by the media. It is because the media has neglected the role that the African Americans play in other occupations. However, members of the black community are also to be blamed towards the existence and propagation of this stereotype. They dress recklessly, speak vulgarly, and they misbehave. However, the black community themselves can do much to reduce or even eliminate this stereotyping. They can change their behaviors, change their dressing codes, and change their language for the better. Moreover, the black community can also prove to the world that they deserve other respectable jobs by working harder and believing in themselves (Adams & Stevenson, 2012).
Stereotyping in the Black Community
In the United States of America, the black community is mostly stereotyped as athletes, rappers, or even criminals. However, the majority of the African Americans are not criminals, rappers, or athletes. The media has been blamed for propagating the black community stereot…

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