Stephen Pinker

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Stephen Pinker

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Steven Pinker
While Steven Pinker is not a philosopher per se, his theories and thoughts step into the world of philosophical research. In this essay, we shall offer a comprehensive biography centered on his ideas, and thoughts and how those have shaped the world, or influenced our thought. In a strict sense, Pinker’s theories are not philosophical, but psychological. The man has delved with psycholinguistics; visual cognition and language acquisition and his ideas have come to show the world.
Biographical Data. Steven Pinker was born in 1954 in the English-Speaking Jewish community of Montreal, Canada (Harvard). He received a bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology in experimental psychology at McGill University. After this academic degree, he relocated to Cambridge, Massachusetts where he earned his doctorate at Harvard in 1979. After his doctorate, he moved to the MIT on a postdoctoral fellowship. Since then, he has been going back and forth from the MIT to Harvard.
What was going on in the world at the time of this philosopher? Since Pinker is a psychologist of the present day, all his discoveries and researches have influenced us directly. For instance, in his book, “The Language Instinct” Pinker speaks about language. How it works; how children acquire it, and even how the brain employs in its everyday use. In that sense, Pinker’s theories can be regarded as thoroughly contemporary si…

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