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step 4-peer feedback

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Step 4-Peer Feedback
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The article discusses the dangers of smoking. It states that smoking is one of the major causes of chronic diseases in the United States. Further, it insists that nearly all the deaths that are caused by smoke-related diseases can be prevented. Usually, the extent of the diseases caused by smoking is dependent on the amount of time the individual has been smoking. While how much an individual smokes could be an important factor, it does not have a great significance regarding the extent of the related diseases. In this regard, the article posits that most of these diseases could be prevented if parents could take the initiative to prevent their young children from engaging in smoking (Harvey et al. 209). In other words, if young adults can be prevented from smoking by the time they attain the age of 25 years, there is a high possibility that most of the smoking-related diseases could be prevented. Primarily, when young people engage in smoking, they become the heaviest smokers. This means that there is a very high chance for these people to develop cancer. It also implies that most cases of cancer could, therefore, be prevented if young people do not get into smoking. According to the article, at least one-third of the young people who drink are likely to die of smoking-related diseases. This amounts to about 5.6 million young adults who are under the age of eighteen years. The figure …

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