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statement opinions

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I agree that Soccer is a more popular sport than American football and that New York City is safer than Los Angeles. My view on the popularity of soccer and American football is that the former is more prevalent than the latter. However, it is worth to appreciate that both sports have something unique to offer to their fans (Markovits and Steven 12). In a bid to support this opinion, I would utilize published research materials on studies conducted over the last ten years citing and ranking the popularity of global sports. We all can agree that science has immensely contributed to technology advancement which has had a massive impact on our ways of living. Considering the level of criminal rate, I support the opinion that New York City as a safer place to live in than Los Angeles. Newspapers are good materials one could use to reinforce this because they record events such activities and they as well as publish crime statistics per state (The Economist).
I disagree with the take on art as more important than science and that life in the country is more fun than in the city. Therefore, even though arts have its contributions on how we coexist with others, science has had a fair share in enhancing our lives. To support the claim, use of research studies on the impact of technology would greatly help.
Majority of us may feel that life in the country happens to be more fan than that in the city. The fact that …

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