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statement of purpose

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Statement of Purpose
From an individual viewpoint, the nursing profession is one of the most important professions that focus on the wellbeing of society. It can be viewed as a calling where an individual devotes his or her time in ensuring that quality medical care is provided to the community. Over the past few years, I have worked in various institutions which I believe have exposed me on my responsibility as a nurse and what I need to do to promote quality care. Pursuing a master’s degree in the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program is a major leap in advancing my career as a nurse. The degree will not only enable me to specialize in a particular area of interest but also provide me with more opportunities pertaining to my career advancement. The degree will also enable me to pursue a doctorate program; an opportunity that will empower me to conduct research on methods that may be employed in the nursing field to promote quality care.
The academic knowledge and skills that I have acquired in the preceding nursing programs have enabled me to work with various professionals and in various institutions to both coordinate and deliver quality care to patients. Some of the activities that I have actively engaged in include developing care plans, carrying out assessment plans, placing orders on behalf of an institution, and educating patients and their family members or caregivers on issues that are affiliated w…

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