Stastics in social science

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Stastics in social science

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Since most jobs offer maternity leave for four to six weeks of the child’s life, mothers generally get back to work when their children are still infants. Studies have been conducted which relates to the effects or impacts of working mothers on the family and the children’s development. The paper will be based on two articles titled “Family employment and child socio-emotional behavior: longitudinal findings from the UK Millennium Cohort Study” and “Maternal employment and child socio-emotional behavior: longitudinal evidence from the Millennium Cohort Study.”
The first article was a longitudinal analysis which was done using four sweeps (7 years, five years, three years and three years) (Hope et al. 951). The study aimed to investigate effects of family and mother employment trajectories in early years on socio-emotional behaviors. The analysis was based on 18,296 singletons, and survey interviews were conducted in homes with mothers as the main respondents. The socio-emotional behaviors were assessed using SDQ (Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire). The data was analyzed using Poisson regression models to estimate 95% CL for borderline-abnormal SDQ scores. The study found that only 14% (1383) of the children were having abnormal or borderline socio-emotional behaviors at seven years (Hope et al. 956). In other words, the study found that the children who were at higher risk of socio-emotional behaviors were …

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