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How Kirk and Spock are Characterized as Being in Conflict
The word conflict is used to refer to a form of discord or friction that arises between individuals or groups when the beliefs or actions of one are considered unacceptable or resisted by the other. A conflict can take the violent form that many people are used to or adopt a softer face. In this excerpt, Stock is very obedient to Kirk, and Kirk respects the former’s work. However, the two have conflicting approaches to a number of things.
The first element that brings out the conflict between these two characters is their level of attention to detail. Essentially, while Kirk does not mind guesses and prefers simple answers to the questions that he raises, Spock is always interested in finding as many details about a subject as possible and does not like taking guesses. A good instance of this different inclination towards detail is when Spoke gives his analogy about the drapes he had gone to observe using his tricorder. He used the words “the woven textile fabrics are made of the finely worked pellicle coating of Earth sheep” to describe what Kirk refers to as Wool for the benefit of everyone else (Daniel n.pag.).
Next, the two appear to have conflicting levels of emotional attachment to things. This can be seen on the last paragraph of the second last page of the excerpt when Spock is shocked at Kirk’s suggestion that he (Spock) owes Chekov – who had save…

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