Stanford Biodesign Ethics Case Studies

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Stanford Biodesign Ethics Case Studies

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Stanford Biodesign Ethics Case Studies
1. What are the potential consequences of the product’s malfunction: on patients; on XMed’s
reputation; on your responsibility for the product?
The reputation of XMeds depends on a number of factors, including ensuring that the business delivers on its promises to customers and vendors. Being transparent, trustworthy and responsive are essential to the survival of XMeds. Bad word-of-mouth, lack of response to a crisis, and lack of transparency can rapidly decimate the reputation of any company, so it is essential that XMeds are fully compliant with all the quality and design control systems along with the product specifications laid out within the business case.
XMeds Reputation is a risk and should have been identified within the risk management register along with Operational, Strategic and financial risk. A company’s reputation matters along with the brand there are selling the damaged caused will not just be felt finically the most damaged caused will be lack of trust from the public as there will feel betrayed and once the trust has gone it will be very difficult to regain the public’s trust again, this is what makes the difference to success or failure. The reputation of XMeds could also be affected with the Wholesalers and possible the retail stores.
While the product was identified at low risk, this does not remove the obligation from XMed project team to ensure tha…

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