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PMGT1852 – Group Assignment
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Table of Contents
TOC o “1-3” h z u PAGEREF _Toc525919982 h 1Project Plan PAGEREF _Toc525919983 h 34.1 Project background and Description PAGEREF _Toc525919984 h 34.1.1 The Purpose of the Project PAGEREF _Toc525919985 h 34.1.2 Project Objectives PAGEREF _Toc525919986 h 3Secondary objectives PAGEREF _Toc525919987 h 34.1..3 Project Stakeholders PAGEREF _Toc525919988 h 44.1.4 Management PAGEREF _Toc525919989 h 44.1.5 Project schedule PAGEREF _Toc525919990 h 44.1.6 Task description PAGEREF _Toc525919991 h 54.1.7 Resourcing PAGEREF _Toc525919992 h 54.1.8 Project Budget PAGEREF _Toc525919993 h 54.1..9 Assumptions PAGEREF _Toc525919994 h 64.2 Assessment of Project Stakeholders PAGEREF _Toc525919995 h 74.3.1 Communications Matrix PAGEREF _Toc525919996 h 84.3.2 Escalation procedures PAGEREF _Toc525919997 h 104.3.3 Communication strategy and protocol PAGEREF _Toc525919998 h 11Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc525919999 h 12

Project Plan
4.1 Project background and DescriptionBachelor of Project Management (BPM) is one of the top courses that the University of Sydney offers. This course registers a considerable number of students who attend it from the Institution. However, despite the significant number of students …

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