Spirituality in the workplace

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Spirituality in the workplace

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Spirituality in the work place

There is an emerging increase in scholarly interest in spirituality at the workplace with a specific emphasis on the impact of spirituality on employee well-being and professional performance. Management researchers and practitioners have come to the conclusion that while organizational performance and profits are the key reason why a business exists, sustainable business performance is anchored on a healthy workforce, supported by strong values and ethical culture. Spirituality in the workplace has been found to inculcate a culture of commitment, values, respect, excellence and ethical behavior in the workplace, key ingredients of a sustainable organizational success. While there are different definitions of the term spirituality, for the purpose of this paper, spirituality is defined as an expression of one’s desire to ‘‘find meaning and purpose in our lives and is a process of living out one’s set of deeply held personal values. Workplace spirituality involves the effort to find one’s ultimate purpose in life, to develop a strong connection to coworkers and other people associated with work, and to have consistency or alignment between one’s core beliefs and values of their organization’’ Beheshtifar & Zare. (2013)
This paper explores recent studies in this area, particularly on the issue of spirituality in the workplace, elements of spirituality, differences between spirituality and re…

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