Special Education Law Newsletter Article

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Special Education Law Newsletter Article

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Special Education Law Newsletter Article
Before 1970’s many students were denied quality schooling. The parents of these students started the advocacy groups fighting for quality education. Their pursued quality education encouraged passage of laws that motivated training teachers who could work with disabled students. After 1970’s there were many decisions by the court giving the state the powers to offer resources and schooling requirements to the needy students. At present the local and state institution are fully funding for special education (Rothstein, Laura, and Scott 21). This has brought major improvement in the lives of the special students.
Judicial decisions related to the development of special education laws were as follows: Firstly, education law of 1975 whose aim was that any child with the disability was to have an education. Secondly, we had individuals with disabilities education improvement Act of 2004 whose aim was to provide education that could meet the unique needs of the students. It was also formed to protect the rights of the parents and their children who had special needs. Thirdly, congressional investigation of 1972 was formed to check into the problems of the children with disability (Rothstein, Laura, and Scott 34). Through the investigation it was realized that many students were not receiving the appropriate education. Lastly, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 was formed to address the dispar…

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