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Special Agent

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Special Agent
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Special Agent
In the United States Secret Service, they offer Special agent job opportunity. It seeks to employ men and women who are interested in fast, challenging and a fulfilling career. The work of a special agent is to investigate and protect citizens from criminal and law violations in the finance sector and protect national leaders. They investigate credit cards issues and fraud, computer-based attacks, telecommunications and national banking systems. They use advanced technology to look into these technical issues, and they develop particular innovations to protect the secret service and political leaders. The special agent career involves frequent travels and reassignments to various duty stations that include foreign countries. The training for a special agent takes about six to eight years before they are posted to their areas of assignments. A new special agent is hired at the level of GL-07 or GL-09 according to one’s performance and education. A fully qualified agent is at the level of GL-13, and the promotional level is above GGL-13 and is often competitive (“Special Agent”, 2018).
I am interested in this career because I enjoy solving problems for challenging tasks. I am a team player, and I believe in accomplishing enormous tasks as a team. It is a career that requires full concentration and new experiences. I would like to use my skills and technology to solve other people’s probl…

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