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Article 1: Bullying in schools: The power of bullies and the plight of victims
The article was first published as an online review on 5th August 2013 before being published officially on January 2014. The article contains pertinent information regarding the topic of study and even covers the impact of electronic communication on the vice (Juvonen and Graham 159). The article’s information is up to date and relevant to the subject of research. The article evaluates existing literature to gather sufficient information regarding the issue at hand. The authors of the article are Jaana Juvonen and Sandra Graham who works at the University of California Loss Angeles. While Juvonen works at the Department of Psychology, Graham is a member of the Department of Education. The duo has provided an email address as the correspondence. The article can be accessed online through the Annual Review of Psychology site.
Article 2: Bullying in schools: the state of knowledge and effective interventions
The article was received on 15th September 2016, accepted on the 4th January 2017 and then published on 24th January 2018. The article contains up to date information regarding the topic of bullying in schools. The information provided in the article relates to the subject of study and further evaluates existing literature and other effective interventions meant to curb bullying in schools (Menesini and Salmivalli 240). The articl…

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