Something about Global Security

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Something about Global Security

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Global Security Threats
The global security landscape is characterized by complex threats, including organized crime, piracy, and cyber warfare and in the recent past international terrorism. Moreover, this it is associated with fast development in economic well-being and conservative strains. The global security landscape is growing rapidly, and as such the current world faces a broad variety of international threats, thus countries are required to strengthen their efforts in countering such threats. The current global security landscape is far much complex and further complicated by international threats that are old fashioned and cannot apply in the present world. Thorough and multinational efforts are required to solve some of the current most pressing global security issues and challenges.
I will discuss some of the current major threats to the global security platform. I will focus on the areas of most concern to global stability, according to current and former experts in the field of security. The first major security threat is the rapid expansionism of Russia and China with regards to the ongoing disarmament in the West. The two countries are seeking for greater control of resources and territorial grounds as such creating a threat that may in the future result in conflict. Russia and China are two great nations, and their efforts of expanding territorial boundaries are always going to result in conflict due to international associations. As such, the conflict h…

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