Soldier-of Conscience

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Soldier-of Conscience

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Soldiers of Conscience
Soldiers of Conscience is a dramatic movie documentary depicting an outstanding example of the nature of human on war. It paints the reluctance of US soldiers to pull the trigger on Iraq combatants despite having that chance to shoot. The film features eight American soldiers; four of them believe that they have the due duty to kill when it becomes necessary while the other four appear to be conscientious objectors to the war who decide not to kill due to religious, individual or moral beliefs based on their conscience (Santelli, 1). All the eight soldiers struggle with morality behind committing murder due to war.
This movie portrays successfully portrays the cognitive nature of war and it appears that the soldiers are making an argument for cognitive theory. Despite how much the soldiers have been brainwashed through intensive training and drills, they still tend to think of the morality behind committing murders and opting against such actions (Santelli, 2). Their opinion on the morality of killing is not based on philosophical perspectives but on the perspective of their experience in war and therefore their decisions to either shoot or not shoot is an abrupt decision in war, one that they can neither forget nor undo.
It is evident from the film that violence is a learned behavior and it can be unlearned. Human beings have an innate authority that tends to compel them from taking human life …

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