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software engineering/architecture

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Group Communication
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In software development project or any other project soft skills are crucial to the success of the project. Even if one is perfect in technical skills soft skills are essential to enhance teamwork as well as cooperation to achieve a common goal in a teamwork. Soft skills are the personal attributes that one needs for the successful engagement in a workplace. Such skills include communication skills, social skills, problem-solving as well as conflict resolution skills, flexibility among many others. Such skills are essential as they help one to effectively navigate through his or her working environment, perform well, and work as well as aid in the achievement of personal and work-related goals. This paper provides insight on the relevance and importance of group communication in software development project which is one of the basic people skills.
Importance and Relevance of Group Communication
The success of software development project largely depends on the effectiveness of communication amongst the stakeholders, developers, and the management team. Effective communication factors into the productivity of the organization and individuals. Communication has a significant impact when a change is affected. To improve group communication amongst developers, it is important to provide effective infrastructure and processes to support communication. On the other hand, to produce a good software system, it i…

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