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Software Development Matrix
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As technology advances, systems and methodologies for development of specialized IT systems have to kick in. Today, very many methods for software development exist. However, each project has its specific demands and therefore calls for a particular methodology (Masood, Shang & Yousaf, 2014). Although all these methods are geared toward the same finish line, they comprise varying procedures and approaches, which are best suitable for varying situations. It is therefore critical to determine the needs of a project and fit in with the right methodology matching the requirements. The establishment of the best methodology demands an analysis of the pros and cons of each of the methods. It is also important to note that no single method that is perfect, they all have defects. Due to the latter, as for the given projects, the advantages of a method must be weighed against the disadvantage in determining the suitability of the technique. For a system to be viable, the benefits must outweigh the disadvantages. This paper explores the various ways of software development and lists the pros and the cons. The article also contains the main software assurance concert of all the methodologies.
Software Development Methodology Pros and Cons Software Assurance Concerns
Waterfall Model Pros: uses clear stepwise structure
The end goal is determined early
Excellent transfer of informat…

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