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Software Design Document

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Excel Software Design Document
Microsoft Excel is a powerful and vital software widely used for official or personal use all over. It contains a vast capacity to perform quantitative analysis. The software allows various simulations and functions, for instance, logical functions such as IF, AND and aggregation functions such as SUMIF and COUNTIF. Different data types also ensure accuracy in describing data. Excel data types include integer, string, long, date, currency, decimal and byte. Integrated development environment (IDE) is also essential in writing programs, debugging programs, compiling codes, identifying the location of files and viewing a visual representation. The use of excel software in business administration or the business world cannot be underestimated.
Excel is the most used software in business. It is not only easy to use but also efficient and simplifies work. Excel is crucial in business administration departments such as marketing, accounting, finance, and sales. For instance, finance or accounting department use excel spreadsheets to outline financial results, budgets, cash flow forecast, and plans for decision making. The marketing department of any business or organization use spreadsheets to list customers, sales targets, monitor past results and develop marketing plans. The human resource department can also manage payroll and employee information by using Excel (Rosenberg).

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