Sociology can be described as the structure

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Sociology can be described as the structure

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Sociology can be described as the structure, development, and the way in which a society functions. Sociology also tackles the various problems that are often experienced in society. It aims at dealing with all those problems that are in society and that can contribute a lot in making the society a better place. Growing Up in Chicana/o is all about some of the experiences that the Mexican Americans had to go through while in America. Tiffany Anna Lopez made a collection of various stories regarding how life was about when growing up in Chicana/o. The children had a hard time growing up since they faced a lot of problems while growing up (Lopez & Lopez, 2014). Growing Up in Chicana/o was very difficult especially since Mexican Americans were not treated as the other people and there were very many stereotypes regarding them as well.
The United States is a place where the people have no fixed cultures and all the people live their lives as they would want to without having to worry about what other people will think about them. However, the Mexicans could closely follow their cultures even when they were in the United States. That caused them great problems since they could be ridiculed by the Americans for living such lives. It was very wrong especially for the children since they started seeing as if their cultures were not good. It also encouraged them from abandoning the cultures that they had. It was not right since they should be allowed to live their lives as they wa…

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