Sociological Imagination

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Sociological Imagination

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Sociological Imagination
Sociological imagination was a phrase coined by C. Wright Mills, a sociologist to relate individual lives to a broader social structure. The term brings cohesion between personal livelihoods, how society influences the choices we make, and our way of doing things, (Cunningham & Cunningham, 8). I was born and raised in Baytown, Texas together with three sisters and a brother who is the youngest in the family. My whole life has revolved around Texas, and at 21 I work for a little loan company in Houston. It is easy to say my life has been constructed around family lines since out of my three friends; one is my sister, her boyfriend, and my best friend, Mireya.
Family and the geographical location I was born and raised into has influenced who I have become. My family can signify a social institution, which has narrowed my exposure and constrained my relationship skills. My brother is young which therefore means I spent the better part of my life around my sisters. This environment would probably explain why I am single at my age and the lack of social skills since my only other activity in a crowded environment is at the gym.
My sociological imagination compares life to a social structure, which classifies people and alienates them according to race, social status, gender, religion, and culture among other valuables. These classifications limit interactions and cohesion among people and limit their oppor…

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