sociological aspect of violence

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sociological aspect of violence

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Sociological Aspects of Violence Violence has existed since the beginning of humanity. Consequently, it is strongly tied to the human psychology as one of the swiftest ways to solve conflicts. That way, violence can be considered a social activity as it is exerted over others as a way to gain an absolute advantage or benefit. However, “violence is not a single activity, but rather a socially defined category of activities that share some common features.” (Blume 1).
Violence exists everywhere, from the mass media the world consumes to every household in the planet. Violence is ubiquitous and exists without borders. Likewise, it is not just a matter of physical violence. There are also a myriad of displays of violence in our streets, ranging from violent gestures to violent phrases. These displays seen in the streets pervade the human behavior, making violence normative and considering it an appealing trait instead of something that must be controlled. At the same time, given the fact that violence exists in such ubiquitous manner, it is not a surprise that schools had become into one of the most violent places in the country, which indicates that violence is a circle where children learn to be violent and pass that “knowledge” to their offspring, effectively continuing the circle.
The analysis of violence is a fundamental part of sociology. It has become a staple of the contemporary sociology, as i…

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