sociocultural considerations in adult identity

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sociocultural considerations in adult identity

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Sociocultural Considerations in Adult Identity

Sociocultural considerations in adult identity
Sociocultural factors are forces in the society and culture that aids in the shaping of the mode of thinking, the behavior and the thought of an individual, they include things like the child rearing practices, the religion, the race, taboos, the ethnic identity, kinship structures, discrimination among many others. Self-identity is having the understanding of oneself. It is the self-concept, its components include the physiological, physical and the social attributes that are influenced by the attitude, beliefs, ideas and the revelations that one grasps from the society (Tennen, 2012).
A cultural identity is the feeling of the identity of a group or culture practices. The cultural acts and the practices shape the believe and so the thinking of one. Identifying with the culture, or rather brown some in the environment that one associates, influence one’s identity. The ethnic identity is the basis of a common premed genealogy of those that share the ancestry (Tennen, 2012). It helps greatly a bond of identity and so influencing an adult identity. It influences the common culture, the behavior, religious traits that are ritualistic.
The religious identity is another sociocultural factor. It is the adherences of the codified beliefs including rituals. Such beliefs bases on the ancestral and cultural traditions existing in the history and the myths that spell ou…

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