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Criminal Justice
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Social Morality
The post is addressing the reality of moral life and points out unacceptable behaviors that ruin the relationships between individuals in the social, political and economic setting. The post is describing the socially unacceptable behaviors in an illustrative way using the most obvious examples occur in everyday life. According to the post, people do some actions and assume that such actions are right when, in the real sense, they go against the ethically acceptable actions. The post tends to suggest that humans are only concerned about actions that favor their situations regardless of whether such actions are rightful or socially unacceptable (Lee, 2016).
I do agree with the post because it illustrates the simplest forms of unethical behaviors that prevail in the society yet people keep on assuming and take no action on the offenders. The society is always hunting culprits of unacceptable behaviors thought to be serious such as rape, murder, and robbery with violence yet regard the acts of favoritism, hypocrisy, gossiping, drunkenness and complacency as lighter yet they also ruin the society with a greater magnitude. The post tends to suggest that the society should treat all socially unethical behaviors with equal magnitude since ill-actions that are perceived as minor often lead to the major unacceptable acts.
The article criticizes leaders for not acting as role mode…

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