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socialization paper

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Attitude is often defined as the cognitive evaluation of people, objects, ideas or events that in turn shape personal behavior. Attitudes are generally categorized into positive and negative. However, in a few instances, attitudes can be considered uncertain. The ABC model is used to describe attitude. It consists of Affect, Behavior, and Cognition. The effective component is described as the emotional reaction that one develops towards a concept called attitude object. This component of attitude is thought to stem from the emotional aspect. Such things as politics, sex, religion, etc. fall into this category. The behavioral component of attitude describes the behavioral modification in an individual following exposure to the same attitude object. For instance, take an individual that fears snakes, how does their behavior change at the site of a snake? Last but not least is the cognitive component of attitude. This one is anchored in the thought processes and surrounds the beliefs that one holds towards an attitude object.
Prejudice, aggression and attraction all interact in a complex way to shape social interaction. Prejudice is considered as a preconceived judgment against an individual or a group that is often than not negative. Holding a prejudice against a person means one will not readily interact leading to strained relations. Attraction can be explained through the reward theory of attraction. People are most likely to be incl…

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