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Social Work Case study

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Social work and Human resources
Case study

I have completed my six months internship at SCO family services in Brooklyn. The internship opportunity helped me gain skills and experiences which I will use as a social worker. I met many people with different issues, and in my capacity and line with the vision and mission of the SCO family, I supported them to achieve stability and become better persons through unlocking their potentials.
I met Sarah* in November of last year; she is 31 years old, married to Andrew* and they have three children, ages three, six and nine. Sarah has a high school diploma and she works as a waitress in Manhattan while Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in construction work but lost his job in July of 2017. With the loss of Andrew’s job, the family has had many financial challenges, which forced them to move into a trailer on the outskirts of the city. The two older kids dropped from school and failed to finish the academic learning year. When I met the family, the two kids were placed in schools in Brooklyn.
The couple was fighting due to their financial problems and Sarah complained of Andrew’s lack of support and his drinking habit, but through our counseling services we managed to settle their issues. I worked with professionals to re-do Andrew’s resumé, after which we placed some adverts and I was excited to learn he got a job at C&M home improvement firm.
Initially, when the chil…

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