Social Work and Human Services

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Social Work and Human Services

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Social Work and Human Services
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Social Work and Human Services
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The analysis involves the YoungLives organization which works with teen mothers. The mothers are paired with adult volunteer mentors for them to empower them such that they make positive decisions in addition to being confident in their parenting skills (YoungLives, 2018). The focus of the evaluation is to determine the satisfaction of the mentors when providing the services in terms of communication, training, value, and community. The idea is to comprehend the aspects that motivate them to continue providing their services as mentors in regard to the training offered to them to better their skills. Therefore what the research is attempting to answer is the satisfaction of the adult volunteer mentors when providing guidance to the young mothers.
Research Question: What is the role of the training provided to adult volunteer mentors on supporting the teen mothers in the YoungLives organization?
What do you think will happen in the evaluation?
As per the associated literature review, the efficacy associated with mentorship programs assists in improving the multiple developmental areas among the mentees. Also, the satisfaction of the mentors is associated with the presence of positive relationships while training mentors is linked with mentorships that last for more than a year. Furthermore, the academic mentors feel skilled enough to as…

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