Social Work and Foster Parenting

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Social Work and Foster Parenting

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Social Work and Foster Parenting
Foster parenting is a journey that requires education and proper knowledge of the new acquittance between the parent and the child. This paper presents the lessons learned from the video from UtahFosterCare lesson on Long-term Separation: Adoption Issues for Families by Cliff Farnsworth.
The first lessons initiate with a video that indicates the wishes of children who need foster care as being love and care. Social workers must ensure they help the children and families achieve permanency. They have to balance between the family’s and child’s need and the legal requirements for foster parenting. Social workers are the people who need to advice foster parents on what to do whenever they need guidance on their adopted children. Sometimes adoptive parents help to families go beyond advice to financial help to ensure the safety of the child.
Foster parenting is a journey that required an understanding of the child coming under that new foster parent. The parents need to go out of their way to understand their newly found child. The first valuable lesson I learned from the video is that the there is always something missing in the parent’s knowledge about the new child (Farnsworth n.p). Some of the missing factors include the child-parent connection, the specific knowledge about the child’s history like medical history among other aspects. The parents have to seek such information…

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