Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility
Angie’s List is an Indiana-based online company that provides an online listing that permits subscribers to write and read crowd-sourced reviews of local contractors and businesses (Angie’s List). Even though the company has not been involved in any significant ethical or legal scandals, many individuals have raised their concerns on how businesses are reviewed in Angie’s lists. The issue of paid position/advertising on their site is something that has continued to be addressed. One of the policies being challenged is that of companies being able to pay for them to have a better listing on the website. This falls under false advertising and makes getting valuable metrics difficult (McGrath).
The company could implement some programs to help them become more socially responsible. The first program is to create a rating and review system that is not only based on advertising fees. This will enhance trust amongst their subscribers and offer an excellent opportunity for the companies that perform their tasks well (Kulikowsk). The second program is vetting the businesses and contractors listed on their websites through random visits to the service providers in their sites and ensure that they are offering top-notch services and products. This will promote transparency and illustrate how actively they are involved in the community. Lastly, the company should have a customer service program that will do a follow up on t…

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