Social Norms on Gender

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Social Norms on Gender

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Social Norms on Gender
The social behaviors revolve around the social values. The social morals contribute significantly to the distinction between the accepted practices and the criminal acts in society. The actions may be considered to be unlawful but are allowed in a different group setting. Social values provide the legal meaning of the social conducts. The paper explores a criminal behavior that is acceptable in a particular group setting.
Sex and Social Norms
Sexual behaviors can be encouraged for the mature people but can also be considered to be criminal activities in a particular setting. Sexual practices can lead to sexual offenses particularly on the engagement of the child sex. However, mature individuals are not discouraged to have sex, especially on the married individuals. Religion plays a vital role regarding the sexual activities. Premarital sex is discouraged in various religious settings.
Gender contributes significantly to the social behaviors in the community. Forms of discrepancy including rape cases are also criminal acts. The criminals face severe implications according to the law.
The symbolic interaction theory is a society approach that explains how individuals interact with each other by viewing behaviors as either conventional or deviant. Individuals create meaning due to personal interactions with each other (Perrucci and Perrucci 245). The aspect of interactivity has led…

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