Social Network Data Privacy

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Social Network Data Privacy

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Internet social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, the Amazon, and Google have a significant number of users. In particular, Facebook has nearly 214 million users, and the number keeps increasing day in day out. The privacy of personal data submitted by users on these social networks remains a controversial topic in the United States. An already heated debate about privacy was intensified after it was discovered that, during Trump campaign, a private political-oriented firm, Cambridge Analytica, collaborated with Mark Zuckerberg to manipulate the electoral outcome (Sherr and Abbra 1). Personal details of over 87 million subscribers on Facebook was leaked and used in campaigning for Trump. Plus, Google and Twitter were also hacked
The Facebook CEO was summoned to appear before the Senate commercial committee, the House Energy Commerce Committee, and the Senate Judiciary Committee to explain the role Facebook played in Trumps Campaign. Other networks; Google, Microsoft, and Apple have found themselves on the wrong side of the law, at least once. From 2011 through 2013, Google was on the spot for engaging in unhealthy competitive practices, and, failing to protect the privacy of its users. On the same note, Apple was sued by the government after it was discovered that Apple was working hand in hand with book publishers to overthrow Amazon (Sherr and Abbra 2).
After summoning Mark, the Congress hopes that it sh…

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