Social media in Public health

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Social media in Public health

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Social Media in Public Health
Social media has become a part and parcel of everyday life today. There is practically no person who is not aware of advertisements, news telecasts, radio discussions, television shows and the Internet. Rather they are more influenced by these forms and gain knowledge through social media because they are more engaging and interesting. Public health organizations have resorted to this mechanism to reach out to the people at large and educate them about health issues and necessary measures that should be adopted.
However, there are certain conditions that make social media a more effective instrument for the enhancement of public health. Some are of the opinion that if traditional communication channels that have been engaged in public health are integrated with present day social media, then the results can be fruitful (Chou et al. 48). The general mass is used to the traditional health communication systems and therefore when they get the various kinds of information about vaccination etc. through new form of media, the outcome is naturally better than before (Lefebvre et al. 68). There is a tendency for every individual to try out something new. Hence, public health organizations need to be more responsible and compact in delivering information via social media to reach their goals.
One of the most important advantages …

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